Austrians Cynical About Security Barriers in Vienna

The Chancellery in Vienna (offices of the president)
The Chancellery in Vienna (offices of the president) (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Manfred Werner)


Many Austrians have reacted angrily to their government’s building of security walls around prominent government buildings in historic Vienna, saying the move is a cynical display of elitist self-preservation. Rather, they would liked the money to have been spent on a border fence.

The security structures are being built by the office of the Chancellery, headed by Austria’s President Van der Bellen, who was narrowly elected on a pro-immigrant platform last year.

The barriers are being made to protect vulnerable government buildings (and their employees) in the event of a truck bombing. German’s pro-immigrant Chancellor Angela Merkel has ensured that her offices are similarly not a target of suicide bombings.

The historic heart of Vienna now has ditches around important government buildings in preparation for the construction of the structures, which citizens also say will mar the beauty of the city.

Immigrants arriving in Vienna will be absorbed into a community in which a study found that 27 percent of the city’s Muslim youth openly admit their support for violent jihad and close to 50% hold anti-Semitic beliefs.

Security barriers are appearing in other locations in Europe, as well. London recently installed a barrier between the sidewalk and the road on the Tower Bridge after the June terror attacks.

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