Arrest Warrant for Imam Who Called for Killing Jews

Muhammad bin Musa al-Nasr
Muhammad bin Musa al-Nasr (Photo: video screenshot)

Canada issued an arrest warrant for a visiting Palestinian imam for a sermon in which he called for killing Jews (see video below).

Moh’d Mousa Hussein Nasr, who is also known as Imam Sheikh Muhammad ibn Musa Al Nasr, described Jews as “the most evil of mankind” and “demons.” He then quoted a hadith, a saying of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, which calls for killing the Jews.

“At the end of time, when the Muslims will triumph over the most evil of mankind [and] the human demons, the stone and tree will say, O Muslim, O servant of Allah, O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him,” he preached.

The Times of Israel reported that the Montreal mosque that hosted Nasr, who is a member of the Salfist movement in Jordan as well as a lecturer at Al-Ahliyya University in Amman, allowed him to deliver more than a dozen other speeches.

The speech was made last December at the Dar al-Arkam mosque.

According to Islamic theology, there is a general consensus that some of the hadiths are considered reliable while others are not. This particular hadith is often quoted by Islamists in their frequent anti-Semitic rants.

The Montreal hate crimes unit of the police department investigated the contents of the sermon before a Quebec judge issued the arrest warrant for Nasr.

In 2014, another imam was filmed in Montreal at the Al Andalous Islamic Center calling on Allah to“destroy the accursed Jews” and to kill them “one by one.”

Meira Svirsky
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