Arabic Media: US Must Outlaw Muslim Brotherhood

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Arabic media review

For These Reasons the US Should Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terror Organization – 24 (UAE)

The House subcommittee on national security met in Washington on July 11 to reveal the threats that the Muslim Brotherhood poses to the U.S. and its interests and the ways to efficiently deal with this. The committee said the Brotherhood is a radical Islamic terror organization with a network of branches in more than 70 countries. It was entered the terror list of several nations including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The U.S. designated a few groups within the Brotherhood as terror organizations including Hamas. The UAE recognizes that the Brotherhood is at the top of the list of terror organizations and that it includes a few groups such as Islamic Relief, CAIR and the Muslim American Society. The UAE believes that targeting the agents of the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates will weaken the Brotherhood’s efforts to fund-raise and recruit new members. While looking for control, the Brotherhood turns to violence or is seeking violent means. For this reason it must be designated as a terrorist entity.


Can America Convince Turkey to Give Up on Iran? – Albawaba (Jordan)

The U.S. is pressuring its allies to join in Washington’s siege on Iran and withdraw from the nuclear agreement. American pressure reached the point where Trump threatened these countries with widespread economic sanctions. Within these efforts, DC asked Ankara to stop all economic transactions with Iran. However, the Turkish response was decisive when Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said his country does not have to consider American decisions about sanctions or those of the UK, EU or any other country against Iran. The question remains, what are America’s capabilities in convincing Turkey to give up on Iran, especially when both sides need each other on various regional issues.


To Deal With Iran Trump Tries to Create an Arabic NATO – Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia)

American officials and a Middle-Eastern official revealed that the Trump administration is moving forward and secretly to create a new political and military coalition incorporating the Gulf countries, Egypt and Jordan to face Iranian regional expansion. They said the purpose of the plan is to create an Arab version of NATO. This is to strengthen cooperation on missile defense, military training, fighting terror and other issues such as supporting economic, diplomatic and regional relations.


What Is Washington’s Role in As Suwayda Massacre? – Al Mayadeen (Lebanon – Hezbollah affiliated)

It looks like Washington chose Tanaf as an area for a military base southeast of Damascus in order to play an active role in the recent As Suwayda massacre. The border triangle between Iraq, Syria and Jordan has strategic importance as it is a major transport intersection between the greater Levant region and the Arabian Peninsula. It also connects Iran. From this area, Washington can dispatch painful blows in Syria and Iraq. Russia has called on the U.S. to leave Tanaf and emphasized there’s no reason for an American presence in Syria. Moscow insisted if Washington doesn’t help displaced Syrians to return home the U.S. should leave Syrian lands. The attack on As Suwayda came fewer than 24 hours after the Russia comment. ISIS armed men exited the safe areas protected by the U.S. in Tanaf and entered As Suwayda villages at dawn and then the city itself. The massacre happened with Washington’s knowledge as American aircraft and technology monitor event the slightest movement in the area. The U.S. couldn’t possibly miss 1,000 fighters with weapons and vehicles.



Arab Media: Does US Really Want to Fight the Brotherhood?

Turkey, Iran Threaten to Overwhelm West with Refugees

Trump Threatens Turkey if US Pastor Not Released


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