What Arabic Media Says About the US – June 17, 2018

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Arabic media review

Washington and ISIS Colluding – Alahed News (Lebanon)

The Lebanese outlet Alahed News claimed that ISIS took control of part of the eastern Syrian city Abu Kamal (Al-Bukamal) from the Syrian army. To gain access to the city, Alahed reported that ISIS carried out 10 suicide bombers, including four suicide car bombs on the periphery. (ISIS has denied that they entered and took over part of the city.)

Alahed asks, “How was ISIS able to carry out these attacks, especially since sources in the Syrian army say that ISIS usually attacks from east to west — meaning from the areas under control of the coalition, led by the U.S.? “

“This shameful American support of ISIS is not the first of its kind,” Alahed writes. “Even though American forces have announced a number of times that they have attacked ISIS in eastern Syria, not one serious military attack by the Americans against ISIS was carried out.

“What’s happening is the exact opposite. Just a few days ago, ISIS carried out an attack on the periphery of Deir ez-Zor right after America planes attacked targets including the Syria army and its allies.”


Trump: Iran Has Changed and Will Come Back to Discuss a New Deal – Albawa (Jordan)

The Jordanian news outlet Albawa reported that U.S. President Donald Trump expressed his hope that Iran will come back to negotiations about their nuclear program. The outlet noted that Trump said important changes had recently happened in the political landscape of Tehran.

Albawa quoted Trump in a press conference after his summit with the North Korean leader in Singapore as saying, “I hope that they will come back to discuss a serious deal at the appropriate time after the imposition of sanctions, which I have said in the past that will be harsh, but the time hasn’t come for this yet.”


Washington: We’re in Syria to Confront ISIS and Iran Together – Baladi News (Syria)

The Syrian news outlet Baladi News quotes Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield as saying that American intentions in Syria are not only to defeat ISIS but also to confront the Iranian influence in the country as well.

The Syrian source reported that Satterfield said that while ISIS has lost most of the territory under its control in Syria, the fighting will continue until it is eliminated entirely. However, since the Iranian presence in Syria is a threat to international security, it is the job of the America – and its allies — to put an end to this.

“The Iranians must leave Syria altogether, not just the southern parts,” Satterfield is quoted as saying. Baladi also reported that Satterfield blamed the Syrian regime for allowing Iranian influence in the country, saying that the regime is dependent on Iran and thus does not want to sever its relationship with the Islamic Republic.


Trump Congratulates Muslims on the Holiday of Eid al-Fitr – Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

The Saudi news outlet Al-Riyadh reported that U.S. President Trump congratulated Muslims in the U.S. and around the world on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. The outlet reported that Trump said in an announcement published by the White House,“This Eid, which comes at the end of the month of fasting, gives the opportunity to strengthen the relations between different societies within the United States.”


Donald Trump: This Man Wants to Change the World – Al-Maghreb (Morocco)

The Morocco news outlet Al-Maghreb noted that the U.S. president recently shook the hand of one of America’s sworn enemies [the North Korean leader] many times. The day before, he cursed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, one of America’s most important allies, who Trump described as weak and indecent.

The outlet wrote, “We also are not forgetting that Trump announced a few weeks ago the implementation of the decision to transfer the American embassy to occupied Jerusalem, a step that caused a wave of Palestinian, Arab and international protest.

“Are we standing today before an unreliable, ill-tempered president who continually changes his mind? Or someone who is rich and very popular? A vicious negotiator, or a mix of all of the above and more?”



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