Antifa Blocks Major Commuter Rail Lines

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Antifa activist block rail lines (Photo: Facebook)
Antifa activists block commuter rail lines (Photo: Facebook)

Antifa activists protesting a proposed pipeline in Canada blocked major commuter rail lines in and near Toronto.

The disruptions took place on or near three separate commuter rail lines and forced disruptions. Some of the blockages ended quickly and others resulted in trains detouring to alternative routes.

The railway system services 200,000 people daily.

The group also set up an encampment at the Bayview Junction, which links Chicago to Toronto and shares tracks with freight trains, Amtrak, Via and GO Transit.

Announcements by Antifa say they intend to protest at the Bayview Junction “indefinitely,” as per the post written on their website:

The extremist group set up the blockade after authorities removed Mohawk First Nations blockaders who were protesting outside of the city of Belleville in Tyendinaga.

Breitbart reported, “The same Antifa website has previously called for supporters and activists to commit illegal acts of sabotage along the Canadian rail system and has also taken credit for several incidents in and around the province of Ontario.

“Several incidents of rail system tampering were also later confirmed by Canadian transport minister Marc Garneau.”

The Mohawks oppose a $6.6 billion Coastal Gaslink natural gas pipeline project in northern British Columbia. However, 20 other First Nations elected councils support the project.

On Facebook, the Antifa group, which calls themselves Wet’suwet’en Strong: Hamilton Solidarity, posted that they had “happily burned” a court injunction forbidding the protests.



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