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Looking back at Clarion’s 2019 achievements


Current Feature Film: Kids: Chasing Paradise

Presents an unflinching look at Islamist groups’ exploitation, incitement to violence, and radicalization of children and teens
  • 6.3 million views of clips of Kids on social media
  • 45+ screenings in 2019
  • Pre-release screenings held on Capitol Hill, Washington DC and the UK Parliament

"Whatever threat it is, we are going to take it seriously and protect ourselves. However, it would be best to prevent someone from becoming an extremist in the first place...I was so happy to see that (effort) in this project. I am so glad to sponsor this event and wish this project every bit of success."

Representative Doug Lamborn (R), Sponsor of Clarion Project’s Congressional Visit, at the Capitol Hill Screening of Kids


Short Films & Videos

In 2019 Clarion Project produced three video series that continue to draw exceptional attention.

Clarion Project produces short films and videos for individual viewing and media use. These concentrated, high-impact films and videos are easily shared via social media, providing us the opportunity to deliver our messages quickly, powerfully, and virally.

Short Films Produced in 2019
0 + million
YouTube Views in 2019
0 + million
Facebook Views in 2019


Clarion Intelligence Network (CIN)

Led by National Security Analyst and Shillman Fellow Ryan Mauro, CIN uncovers radical Islamist activities, general extremists, and domestic terrorist networks across the U.S.

In 2019, the following were among CIN’s many successful achievements:

  • 200+ intelligence reports, 80+ media appearances, 105+ articles on the Clarion website, and hundreds of other media mentions about Clarion’s work
  • Extensive research into foreign states funding of U.S. colleges & universities
  • Exposé article about militant Islamist networks in Pennsylvania, which is now distributed by FBI offices in Philadelphia and other PA cities to their personnel as important information for their investigators
  • Conducted extensive research on Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and her inner circle
  • Communication with Senior U.S. Department officials regarding issues with Saudi Arabia
  • Research about an American Muslim known to be a top Al-Qaeda disciple


Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) Workshops

Keeping Our Children Safe from Extremist Ideologies

The training workshops are offered to law enforcement, government officials, educators, and the public to educate how to identify youth at-risk before they are lost to extremism. The PVE workshops incorporate clips from Clarion Project’s film Kids: Chasing Paradise that expose the radicalization of children by Islamist extremists. Workshops are run by Shireen Qudosi, Clarion Project’s National Correspondent, and Raheel Raza, Clarion Project Spokesperson and President of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

“I'm very proud to have brought Clarion Project’s PVE program to Georgia... a rare bi-partisan coming together of pastors, law enforcement, civic leaders, and state representatives for a conversation on PVE...The program speaks to the heart of each community leader and their desire to protect children...”

Georgene Brazer, Clarion Project Volunteer
0 +
Training sessions in 5 states and in the United Kingdom ​
0 + million
Social media views of marketing clips for Kids: Chasing Paradise film ​
Meetings with U.S. Congress Members​ and 5 with staff of Congress members

Locations of Some Workshops:


Our Ambassadors

Clarion Project’s Ambassadors bring our message to the public through media appearances, articles, outreach workshops and more. Here are some of their achievements since joining our team:



Clarion Project’s website has become the premier online film and education portal about radical Islam and extremist ideologies.

“Keep up the good work! Information on what is happening is so valuable since it is not on mainstream news.”

“Your newsletter is easy to read, factual, and very informative! It provides fast reception and absorption of the facts. I enjoy the read.”

“This is a fabulous project and I'm very glad that you are raising awareness and helping to combat this threat.”

0 + million
page views of the Clarion Project website
30000 +

Thanks to every one of you who made it all possible.

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