Anjem Choudary: Steps to an Islamic Caliphate

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Anjem Choudary is among the most high-profile jihadists in the United Kingdom. He has expressed admiration for Osama Bin Laden, the 9/11 hijackers and the bombers that struck London on July 7, 2005. He is a co-founder of al-Muhajiroun, a group supportive of Al-Qaeda. After it disbanded, Choudary then led Islam4UK until it was banned by the British government. He is part of a campaign that recently declared parts of London as “Sharia Zones.” Anjem describes himself as a “Lecturer in Shari’ah Law and Manager of the Shari’ah Court of the UK.”

Ryan Mauro:  Can you explain to our readers what you are specifically fighting for?

Anejm Choudary: In the name of Allah, Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem. As a Muslim, the sole aim for us in life is to please Allah (SWT) in everything that we do, whether that be in our relationship with our wife and children, or with our neighbours or even in the foreign policy of an Islamic State. 

 Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an (the inimitable word of Allah) that the Messenger Muhammad was sent as a mercy for mankind to take us out of the darkness of man-made law in the beauty and justice of Islam. Indeed the Messenger Muhammad (saw) was given certain things no prophet was ever given before, such as that he was sent for the whole of mankind whereas all previous prophets were sent specifically to their own people.

In light of this fact the Messenger Muhammad — whose sayings, actions and consent are revelation in addition to the Qur’an — made many statements regarding how Islam will one day dominate the whole world, such as that Allah (SWT) showed him the east and the west and the authority of the Ummah (Muslims) was over the whole of it, i.e. over the whole world including the USA, Russia, China, India etc. This is something Muslims must believe in and try to realize through their daw’ah (propagation of Islam) and through the establishment of the Khilafah (the Islamic State) whose foreign policy will be jihad to remove all obstacles in the way of the implementation of Islam (i.e. the sharia) everywhere.

The first Islamic State [caliphate] was established by the Prophet himself in Medina, the main method he employed was

(i)                  To culture the masses about Islam,

(ii)                Commanding good and forbidding evil and

(iii)               Seeking military support to overthrow the corrupted regimes.

Hence if we are also to establish the Islamic State from a situation similar to the Prophet when he was living in Mecca where there was non-Islamic law dominant, and which was, once established, in existence from 622 AD until 1924 AD, then we must imitate the Messenger Muhammad, who is the best example for mankind and whose imitation Allah (SWT) has made an obligation in all matters in our life (with the exception of a few matters which were unique to the Prophet himself) by engaging in the duties above which he himself engaged in.

Culturing the masses about Islam involves explaining to the society how Islam will resolve all the problems that beset it from the economy, social, to the judiciary and ruling etc., to invite people to submit exclusively to Allah (SWT) in all their affairs, not just in ritual matters.

A Muslim must not obey, submit or follow anyone or anything other than Allah in his life. This means that democracy is anathema to Islam, which says that sovereignty belongs to man, whereas Islam says that sovereignty belongs to God and that the authority must be in the hands of Muslims who must implement the sharia.

In the absence of Islam being implemented anywhere in the world as a complete way of life since 1924, today we can see that we have 55 so called Muslim countries who all implement oppressive man-made law whether they are monarchies or secular systems, and that none of them implement Islam.

Some such as Saudi Arabia and Iran may give lip service to Islam and implement aspects of the judiciary and social system, but in the absence of the whole package such as the education system, the social and economic justice etc, these regimes only increase the hatred towards the sharia instead of encouraging its full implementation and enticing people towards it.

Rather, when we look to the sharia being implemented as a whole in the history of the Islamic State, we find that it eradicated poverty, eliminated much of the crime that plagues the societies today and guaranteed basic rights for all citizens, Muslim and non-Muslim, such as free food, clothing and shelter and the protection of the religion, life, honour, mind and wealth of all citizens.

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As an example, Andalusia (Spain today) had the sharia implemented over it for some 800 years, where the Muslims, Christians and Jews were able to live side by side with their rights fulfilled and safety and security guaranteed. It was under this Islamic rule that much of the works of ancient scholars and religious texts were translated into modern languages and the things that we all take for granted, such as pavements, street lights, libraries, hospitals, running water etc. were introduced into the heart of Europe.

Not to mention how the current day Western court systems, administration, welfare, universities, etc. heavily borrowed from those established by the Khulafah (heads of the Islamic State over the centuries) and transformed themselves into what they are today, even though they are still not as they would be if the shar’a were established.

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Beheading in the Name of Islam, and The Myth of Islamic Tolerance.

Despite the criticism of non-Muslims against certain aspects of the judiciary, such as cutting the hand of the thief, it may surprise them that in over 1,302 years of the Islamic State, the judicial records prove that less than 200 hands were ever cut. This is due to the meticulous way in which the welfare was guaranteed, the high level of morals and ethics imbibed within the masses through Islamic education and the stringent levels of proof needed in the Islamic courts which have as their guiding principle that every effort must be made to try to avoid punishment than to try to convict people.

Perhaps as much as 85% of the sharia is not being implemented today, rather Muslims are merely abiding by some ritual acts and some aspects of the social system, such as marriage. The aspects of Shari’ah which tell us how to deal with non-Muslims (Dhimmis) living under the Islamic State, matters concerning Kharaaj (income from land conquered by Islam), the role of the judiciary (such as the Qadhi Hizbah, the judge of the market) make up significant proportions of the sharia but they are being left on the shelf without practical implementation in our lives.

It is up to the Muslims to explain how the sharia will resolve all the problems that we face nowadays such as inflation, poverty, exploitation, alcohol, usury, gambling, bribery, pornography, promiscuity etc. so that Muslims and even non-Muslims see the benefits of the divine way of life. This will involve commanding good within society (i.e. Islam) and forbidding it of its evils.

An example of how Islam is superior to the current capitalist system is that the Messenger Muhammad said that the people are partners in “water, energy and green pastures..” Hence, under an Islamic State, all citizens will be given free water, gas, electricity for their basic needs and will have access to all public pathways and rivers, hills, mountains etc and no one person will have control over the worlds resources such as oil, uranium, wood etc. Rather, these will be managed by the state for everyone’s benefit, whereas today we find these basic needs in the hands of a few multi-billion [dollar] corporations, tycoons and governments who exploit the masses who cannot afford these essentials as a result.

Indeed, in the time of Ma’mun (one of the heads of the Islamic State in the past), the people were so satisfied with their own provision that even though cauldrons of gold and jewellery were left in the public for them to take whatever they wanted, no one came forward. One cannot imagine a similar scenario in, for example, New York or London without an ensuing blood bath as people clamber to fill their pockets.

This perfect system from our creator is something that people today can only dream of. We have become so used to living in the darkness of man-made law that we cannot imagine life differently. Hence in addition to the above we must encourage those Muslims with military capability to take the authority from those in whose hands it currently rests, i.e. all corrupted regimes in the world, and hand it to the Muslims to implement the mercy of the divine law i.e. sharia and free the world from the injustice, barbarity and shackles of man-made law.

Ryan Mauro: What would happen to those that believe in Western secular democracy, including myself and my colleagues at ClarionProject.org, should your jihad succeed? Are we legitimate targets for violence?

Anjem Choudary: Under the Islamic State, non-Muslims such as yourselves would have your basic needs guaranteed in terms of food, clothing and shelter free of charge. In addition, gas, electricity and water would also be provided free up to your basic needs. Moreover you would never be asked to be part of the Islamic army, rather in return for a small fee (jizya) your life and wealth would be protected by Muslims. If anyone harms a Dhimmi (non-Muslim citizen) of the Islamic state, then they would find that the Messenger Muhammad himself will be a plaintiff against them on the day of judgment. In addition you will be able to travel freely anywhere within the Islamic State apart from certain restrictions in the Arabian peninsula, in particular in Mecca and Medina.

Non-Muslims will be subject to the same public laws as Muslims and will be able to keep their churches and synagogues. It has never been the policy of Muslims to engage in ethnic cleansing and destruction of places of worship, hence the same Churches are still standing in the Middle East (such as in Syria) for over 1000 years. Sadly, the same cannot be said for mosques in Serbia, Israel (Palestine), India, China, Russia etc., under Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Communist rulers.

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What Christians, Jews etc. do in their own homes is their business as spying on the Dhimmis is not allowed in Islam. They will also be able to get married according to their own religion and will have certain other distinct rights because of their own religion. This is far superior to the current system under capitalist democracies who try to force all the adherents of various religions to accept the same rules and force them to abide by one or other religious values and practices.

Rather Islam caters to Christians and Jews, for example, to be able to practice their own religion and does not force them to embrace Islam. This being said, the education system for all citizens will have an Islamic curriculum and the public law, as we have said, will be the same such as the punishment for adultery, stealing etc., and there will be no public propagation of any ideas contrary to Islam or the public display of the symbols and idols of other religions.

When one looks at the Christians and Jews who resided under the Islamic State we in fact find that, far from fearing for their lives, the Jews, for example, in fact ran for protection to the Islamic State in Africa when the inquisition was taking place under Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand in Spain, once they had forcefully taken control of the authority from the Muslims. 

What many non-Muslims fail to comprehend is that Islam is in fact not an alien religion to Europe and the West all at. Rather the sharia was implemented in much of Europe for centuries such as in Southern France (up to 30 miles south of Paris), Spain for over 800 years, Crete, Rhodes, Cyprus, Greece, parts of Austria and Switzerland etc., even King John of England at one point in the 12th century asked the governor of Morocco for help against the other Kings in Europe, in return for which he promised to embrace Islam and implement the sharia in England. Who knows, if the governor of Morocco had not refused his request, considering that King John would betray the Muslims just as he was betraying his fellow Christians, perhaps England would today already be a Muslim country!

Ryan Mauro: ClarionProject.org and I have forcefully criticized the concept of sharia-based governance. We stand against your jihad. How will we be punished if you prevail?

Anjem Choudary:  You may differ with the sharia now, but if you don’t obey the law of the land once you live in the Islamic State and the sharia is implemented of course you will be subject to punishment as anyone else breaking the law of the land, and you may even have your own covenant of security revoked which protects your life and wealth, depending on the extent of the breach, i.e. whether it affects the conditions of having a Dhimmi status.

Ryan Mauro: How many members are in your group? What are you currently doing in Europe to bring about an Islamic state?

Anjem Choudary: We do not talk about administrative matters such as the number of members etc. It is sufficient to say that we are amongst the most high profile voices in the Western hemisphere alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah).

As for what we do, please refer to the answer to the first question above for the methodology of changing society, as practised by the Messenger Muhammad himself.

Ryan Mauro: If God is really on your side, why can’t your fellow jihadists win on the battlefield? Why isn’t God blessing you with victory?

Anjem Choudary: There is no doubt that Allah (SWT) is on the side of Muslims. There are two kinds of victories according to the divine text —  materially in this life and that in the life to come, i.e. paradise. It may be that Allah (SWT) tests the believers and takes from them their life and wealth in return for an eternal abode in the paradise, or it may be that he blesses them with both the material victory in this world as well as that in the hereafter.

Ultimately we must believe that the victory is not in our hands, and that Allah (SWT) does as he wishes in his own divine wisdom. It may be that through the oppression of man-made law and the spilling of much Muslim blood, many other Muslims will awake to their own responsibility towards liberating Muslim land and working to establish the Khilafah. What every Muslim must ensure is that he abides by the divine text in whatever he does.

As for the comment about the jihadists, do not be taken in by the propaganda from Fox News and CNN. In fact, the news from the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq is a comprehensive routing of the enemies of Islam and the Muslims, such as the US and UK, who are trying desperately to find an end strategy where they can pull out without incurring even further losses. The fact that so many US soldiers are committing suicide and are conscientiously objecting to and demonstrating against the war is an indication of the failure to win the hearts and minds of the U.S. people themselves, let alone those of the Muslims they are murdering and whose land they occupy.

Among the many blessings from the war in Afghanistan is the total collapse of the US and Western economies, who, despite spending trillions of dollars in these futile campaigns, have only managed to ravage their own economies and have not grabbed control of the rich resources in Muslim countries which they had hoped would bail them out and sustain them.

The support for Muslims comes not just in the form of human beings but we also see how the wind, rain, earth and even animals are all on the side of Muslims. The sustained attack and devastation on America and its allies by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earth quakes etc. should be enough evidence to prove that God really does not bless America and its friends when they fight against the believers (i.e. Muslims)!

Ryan Mauro: You mentioned that the U.S. is desperate to get out of Afghanistan. Do you view the timeline for withdrawal as proof that the jihad is working?

Anjem Choudary:  Indeed the fact that the US has:

(i) Set specific timelines for withdrawal despite not managing to control the majority of Afghanistan, and

(ii) The fact that the Mujahideen have rather increased their attacks against the US allied forces, and

(ii) That the US is eager to strike a deal with the Taliban whose leadership have refused to compromise,

are all strong indications that the war in Afghanistan has failed and has been a victory for the Mujahideen.

Ryan Mauro: What can you point to as a victory for Islam in Europe and the U.S.? 

Anjem Choudary: Islam is the fastest growing ideology and religion in the world today, including in America and Europe. Statisticians predict that within the next 30 years or so, many countries in Europe will be majority Muslims due to the huge reversions to Islam and the fact that Allah (SWT) has blessed Muslims with many children and is cutting down the number of non-Muslims.

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Moreover the Muslims in general are in a state of revival. They have woken up from their slumber and are not just standing against the oppressive regimes in Muslim countries but are also increasingly calling for Islam in the West.

The reality is that Islam is the most talked about religion today, a day does not pass without Islam and the Muslims making the headlines and being the main subject of discussion. This has led to many people investigating Islam and discovering the truth. When people fear something, they seek knowledge about it. Increasingly people in the West are finding out about the many lies being told about Islam and Muslims and with Muslims being the most active force on the internet, access to correct Islamic material is much easier nowadays.

Allah (SWT) knows best where the Islamic State will be re-established, but wherever it is, Muslims in Europe will tomorrow be in the front line of the jihad (foreign policy of the State) and will have already formed fifth columns everywhere facilitating the expansion of the Islamic State over Europe, the US and the rest of the world.

In addition, the ambassadors of Islam (callers to Islam) in the world today are laying down the seeds for a comprehensive Islamic conquest tomorrow. You cannot change society by forcefully removing the apparatus of the regime alone, rather you must also culture the masses at the same time about Islam as a way of life and as a viable and better alternative so that when one day the authority is in the hands of Muslims who want to implement the sharia it will easily be accepted, insha’allah.

This is the methodology of the Messenger Muhammad who first sent Musab Bin Umayr (ra) to Yathrib (now Medina) and after he reported back to the Prophet that Islam had entered every household the Messenger Muhammad was ordered to make Hijrah (migration) to Medina where he orchestrated the military coup with the help of the Ansar (military leaders amongst the tribes of Medina), and he then implemented the ruling system of Islam.

In the following video, Choudary speaks of the London bombings of 2005.

Ryan Mauro is a fellow with the Clarion Fund. He is the founder of WorldThreats.com and a frequent national security analyst for Fox News Channel.


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