America’s Latest Strike in the War on Terror

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Kudos to the United States for its latest strike in the war on terror – this time against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Washington just designated the state militia as a terrorist organization.

As President Donald Trump said:

“The IRGC actively participates in, finances, and promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft. The IRGC is the Iranian government’s primary means of directing and implementing its global terrorist campaign.”

Clarion’s Shillman Fellow Ran Meir adds: The head of the Iranian-funded Hezbollah (also a designated terror organization) Hassan Nasrallah said the following (Arabic link), after the move against the IRGC.

“We have many options open to us that we have not yet used but that doesn’t mean it will stay this way. If America makes certain moves, who says we won’t respond? When there’s a need to react, it will be appropriate and decisive.”

This infographic gives some of the reasons why the administration acted – including attacks against our own servicemen.


An infographic showing a timeline of the IRGC's terror-related activities.




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