American Muslim Scholar Says Atheists Worse Than Rapists

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(Illustrative photo: Pixabay)
(Illustrative photo: Pixabay)

In another clash of values between American Muslims and Islamists, an American Muslim scholar compared atheists to rapists. New Jersey born and raised Dr. Shadee Elmasry makes a shocking tweet comparing “those who reject Allah” with rapists.

The story was broken by a Clarion Project reader from Egypt. More and more Muslims in the Middle East, unburdened by threats of Islamophobia, are speaking out against Islamist personalities such as Dr. Shadee Elmasry.

Elmasry completed a Masters in comparative religion from George Washington University, followed by a PhD from the University of London.  He also founded the Safina Society, an online Islamic school. He’s authored articles for Yaqeen Institute on LGBT issues with Georgetown professor Jonathan A.C. Brown. In the past Professor Brown has publicly condoned rape and slavery under sharia.

Elmasry is also a supporter of prominent American Islamist Daniel Haqiqatjou, who himself cheered the lockdown and oppression of atheists in Egypt and welcomed the totalitarian sharia laws of Brunei.

In the U.S., Elmasry suggests a covert culture agenda to implement the same barbaric sharia rule:

It’s deeply alarming that Islamist scholars continue to saturate American academia and are branching out into creating new educational watering holes that are undoubtedly influenced by their narrow interpretations of faith and tolerance.



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