American Muslim Leaders Fan Anti-Semitic Hate

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Palestinians riot in the West Bank with the full backing of the American Muslim community leadership. (Photo: Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty Images)
Palestinians riot in the West Bank with the full backing of the American Muslim community leadership. (Photo: Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty Images)


America’s largest Muslim community organizations this week incited the American Muslim community to join in the hysterical hatred against Israel and Jews over Israel’s attempts to defend its citizens.

The Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations called on American Muslims to make speeches in mosques and take to the streets in America to support Palestinians who are rioting over the installation of metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount, the site of the revered Al Aqsa mosque.

The Israeli government installed the metal detectors after Muslim terrorists sneaked weapons onto the mount and used them to shoot and kill two Israeli policemen who were stationed just outside the mount to protect worshipers. Before the attack, security for the mount, referred to as the Haram al Sharif compound by Muslims, was administered by Islamic authorities.

The metal detectors were removed Monday night.

At the same time, these American Muslim leaders have minimized terrorist attacks against Israelis which have taken place as a response to the metal detectors.

Three Palestinians were killed while rioting against this common sense security measures in Jerusalem while in other places ,Palestinians threw rocks and burning tires at policemen. Three Israelis were murdered at their dinner table by a Palestinian terrorist, whose mother was later arrested for incitement after she said she was proud of him.

Clarion Project has already reported how Linda Sarsour lied about the situation, calling for “resistance.” But it doesn’t stop with her.

Sarsour's Facebook post
Sarsour’s Facebook post

On July 21, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization which is also the largest Muslim organization in North America issued a shocking statement that whitewashed the murders of the policemen and framed the incident as Israeli aggression.

In a statement they said they were “concerned by the escalating tensions(i.e., the murder of two Israeli policemen, who incidentally were Druze) which led toimposing unprecedented restrictions on worship at Masjid al Aqsa” (i.e., the introduction of common sense metal detectors, common sense security measures).

“ISNA leadership strongly encourages masajid and community leaders to discuss the religious significance of Masjid al Aqsa in their Friday sermons and other community gatherings,” the statement read. “May Allah protect the people of Palestine and grant them freedom from decades long oppression.”

ISNA could have used this opportunity to condemn violence and call for peace between the two peoples. Instead, ISNA used its position as the largest Muslim organization in America to call on America’s Muslims to incite hatred against the world’s only Jewish state from the pulpit of every mosque in the country.

Not a single word in the statement acknowledged the terror attacks.

That same day, an imam at the Islamic Center of Davis, California, went further, quoting a hadith (saying of the Islamic prophet Mohammed) which says, “Judgement day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews.”

In his talk (click on the picture below for the video), he repeatedly affirmed that it was a religious injunction to fight Jews, not a political issue about Palestine. He then prayed to “liberate Al Aqsa from the filth of the Jews.”

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), another leading American Muslim organization linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, joined the fray. CAIR-National called on President Trump “to protect religious freedom in Jerusalem which is under threat by a long-term Israeli campaign to alter the religious landscape of the city and by recent actions that limit universally-accepted religious rights and practices.” These “practices” refer to the common sense deployment of metal detectors as exists at almost all holy sites around the world.

CAIR completely missed the irony of their own statement. Muslims are the only faith group allowed religious freedom in on the Temple Mount as it is forbidden by Israeli law for Jews and those of other religious groups to pray on the Temple Mount.

Despite the fact that the Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism, Israel made the law as a goodwill gesture of tolerance.

CAIR’s St. Louis chapter held a march framing the metal detectors as a siege against Al-Aqsa, again ignoring that Muslims are still free to worship there and why the security measures were implemented. CAIR’s St. Louis march was reported by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. CAIR Missouri held a similar march.

CAIR itself has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism financing trial in American history.

Others American leaders have also spoken out similarly.

Yasir Qadhi, a prominent cleric in the American Muslim community, who teaches at a community college in Memphis and is affiliated with the Al Maghrib Institute in Houston, posted an article from the far-left Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Facebook arguing that the terrorist was driven to his crime by humiliation, in a shocking abnegation of his personal responsibility for murder. In his post Qadhi dehumanized those murdered by referring to them simply as “occupiers” as if a family of civilians eating a meal was akin to a group of soldiers in a fortified bunker.

American Muslims for Palestine joined in the libelous incitement, issuing a statement saying “AMP calls upon the American Muslim community and all people of conscience to organize activities, including rallies in your cities to help raise awareness that the right to worship freely in Jerusalem is under attack.”

This is a pure and simple lie, as the right to worship freely is not under attack in Jerusalem.

The message from the most prominent American Muslim institutions is clear:

  1. Terrorism against Jews is either irrelevant or justified.
  2. Israel is not entitled to defend itself against Islamic terrorism and the steps it takes to do so are form of oppression against Muslims.
  3. American Muslims have a religious obligation to take to the streets in America and incite hatred and violence against anyone who says otherwise.
  4. The resources of the American Muslim establishment will be put to use to help them do so.

This is not about legitimate considerations over the situation of Palestinians in the West Bank, or support for a Palestinian state. It’s about denying antisemitic terror and inciting hatred.


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Elliot Friedland

Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

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