How American Dollars End Up Funding Terror

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Companies that do business with Iran have a good chance of funding terror. That was the warning of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster at the recent Munich Security Conference in Germany.

The simple reason is because the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) — the arm of the Iranian government responsible for global terror — owns and influences a considerable portion of the Iranian economy.

“When you invest in Iran, you’re investing in the IRGC,” McMaster said. “You might as well cut the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a check and say, ‘Please use this to commit more murder across the Middle East.’”

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Besides sending out the Quds Force (special forces of the IRGC used for extraterritorial operations), Iran funds the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah as well as the Shiite militias in Iraq, which are officially recognized as part of the military in Iraq.

It was recently reported that due to the Iranian regime’s funding of terror, the U.S. government will be stopping a $16.6 billion deal between the American aircraft manufacturing company Boeing and Mahan Air.

Mahan Air is a subsidiary of Iran Air, which is owned by the Iranian government. Mahan was flagged for circumventing U.S. sanctions and using its planes to transport Iranian weapons to Syria.



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