America Keeps Heat Turned Up on ISIS

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British commandos prepare to board a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan
American coalition partners with British commandos in Afghanistan (Illustrative photo: Royal Navy/Getty Images)

Washington’s strategy of keeping the heat turned up on ISIS in Afghanistan is paying off.

The U.S. confirmed it killed ISIS leader in Afghanistan Abu Sayed Orakzai and 10 of his fighters in a strike in the eastern area of Nangarhar Province. The strike marks the third time the U.S. has killed a head of ISIS in Afghanistan since July 2016.

following its defeat in Syria and Iraq, ISIS has been looking for a place to regroup and build another caliphate. Afghanistan is one of the countries on which the terror group has been.

The strike on Orakzai was carried out by coalition forces after they received intelligence on the terrorists’ whereabouts from Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security.

“America and her allies are in Afghanistan to maintain pressure on the networked, trans-regional terrorists attempting to plot, resource and direct attacks from here,” Army Gen. Scott Miller, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, said in a statement. “This is only part of the coalition’s work towards an Afghan security solution, but it is a vital part.”



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