‘Al-Quds’ Counter Protesters Threatened With Arrest in Toronto

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A man walking his licensed dog in a public park in Toronto in front of Provincial Legislature building was jumped by four police officers, cuffed and threatened with arrest unless he agreed to leave.

The incident happened in front of a group of Muslim’s protesting Israel’s control of Jerusalem, or what is referred to in Arabic as Al Quds. The man was warned by the demonstrators not to go near him, a warning which he ignored and instead reminded them that they were in Canada (where all people have equal access to public places). He was then assaulted by them.

As “O’Canada,” the national anthem of Canada, was being sung in the background by counter-protesters, police grabbed the man, accused him of inciting a riot and being “insensitive” by offending Islam.

No protesters were arrested.

The protesters were commemorating “Al-Quds Day,” an annual event held on the last day of the Muslim month of Ramadan that began in Iran in 1979, to oppose Israel  and Jewish Jerusalem.

The dog is a therapy animal used in hospitals.

In a related incident, a man on a bicycle fitted with an Israeli flag was also threatened with arrest by police by claiming that he nearly incited a riot when he rode on the street past the protest.

Both incidents were caught on the videos below.


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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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