Al Jazeera Vs Clarion — Round 1

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The Al Jazeera newsroom (Photo: KARIM JAAFAR/AFP/Getty Images)
Al Jazeera’s newsroom (Photo: KARIM JAAFAR/AFP/Getty Images)

In keeping with Al Jazeera’s agenda, a news anchor for the Qatar state-owned media outlet tweeted out tried and true anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Ghada Oueiss, a Lebanese journalist for Al Jazeera Arabic, peddled an anti-Semitic myth most frequently used by white supremacists, saying, “More than one study proved that the majority of Israelis are not descendants of the Jews of the Holy Land in the Old Testament, but they were brought in by Zionists from the European Stories and descended from the Khazars to settle Palestine instead of the Semitic Palestinians.”

I called her out, saying,

Others joined in condemning Oueiss, including Clarion’s Shireen Qudosi, herself a Muslim:

Oueiss responded by send multiple tweets doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on her bigotry.

The “Khazar” theory has been widely discredited by historians.  Nowadays, the Khazar myth is spread by white supremacists and anti-Israel zealots who are attempting to smear an entire people in order to promote a false claim that the Jews of today have no legitimate connections to the Land of Israel.

It is worth noting that Oueiss’ words are not a criticism of the State of Israel, or any of their specific policies. They are simply bigoted smear directed at a group of people, aimed at delegitimizing them.

The sentiments coming from Oueiss are not surprising considering that Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar, one of the largest supporters of the Palestinian terror group Hamas. Their presenters are known for its parroting of the Qatari regime’s views.

Al Jazeera has a long history of spreading anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and support for terrorist groups. This includes glorifying  Osama bin Laden and other terrorist leaders.

The Clarion Project recently reported that, since 2012, Qatari entities have given close to $1.5 billion to U.S. universities in the form of monetary gifts and contracts, according to the Department of Education (DOE).

This includes over $340 million given to Northwestern University to promote a partnership between Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and Al Jazeera, to help train future “journalists.” 

Recently, Al Jazeera’s Arabic language viral video channel, AJ+ Arabic, came under fire for producing an anti-Semitic Holocaust-denial video. The video denied that extermination of Jews took place at Nazi concentration camps and accused the Zionist movement of being the main beneficiary of the Holocaust.



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Alex VanNess

Alex VanNess is a research analyst for the Clarion Intelligence Network. He formerly served as a fellow at the Endowment for Middle East Truth, as director of the Middle East Peace and Security Project for the Center for Security Policy and as a staffer on Capitol Hill.

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