Al Jazeera Airs Fake Video Showing ‘Bloody, Wounded’ Morsi Supporter

While Al Jazeera’s pro-Islamist lies and propaganda have been exposed numerous times — lies and propaganda being doctrinally permissible through taqiyya — consider the following video recently aired live by the terrorist-supporting TV network.

A near hysterical woman is heard lambasting the Egyptian military for supposedly killing peaceful Brotherhood protesters, while the Al Jazeera crew videotapes a man who appears to be either unconscious or dead — a supposed victim of the military. His hand rests on his torso; his shirt under his hand is covered with blood, implying there is a bullet wound in that spot.

However, when the unsuspecting doctor treating him tries to lift the man’s shirt,  this supposedly unconscious or slain man — with his eyes still shut and his facial expression unmoved — subtly lifts his left leg both to push the doctor’s hand away and block his unharmed and blood-free torso from being taped by Al Jazeera. 

Of course, the person videotaping instantly stopped — but not before enough of this shameful episode was recorded, proving Al Jazeera’s nonstop pro-Brotherhood propaganda campaign, one naively or intentionally followed by most of the Western media.

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Hi, this may be interesting you: Al Jazeera Airs Fake Video Showing 'Bloody, Wounded' Morsi Supporter! This is the link: https://clarionproject.org/al-jazeera-airs-fake-video-showing-039bloody-wounded039-morsi-supporter/