Ahle Baith Foundation

State: New Jersey

Location: Englishtown, NJ

Website: http://www.astaana.com/

The Ahle Baith Foundation is a Shiite mosque in Englishtown, New Jersey. Ahle Baith’s maulana (learned Muslim scholar), Tahir Hasan Ghadeeri, was part of a program at Idara-E-Jaferia in Maryland in October of 2016. [1] This raises concern because Idara-E-Jaferia took $20,000 from the Alavi Foundation in 2004, an Iranian-regime front group. [2] Its resident alim (a Muslim learned in religious matters), Jalil Nawee, studied in Qom, Iran, and his daughter supporters Hezbollah founder, Hassan Nasrallah.

[1] Idara-e-Jaferia flier, http://www.idara-e-jaferia.org/Home/_IdaraAnnouncement_Details?entry_id=58042

[2] “Exclusive: Maryland Islamic Schools Tied to Iranian Regime, Clarion Project, August 30, 2018



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