Our activism plays a vital role in achieving our mission of exposing and reducing the threats of extremism.

Transparency of Foreign Gifts to US Universities

Clarion intelligence Network has tracked billions of dollars in foreign gifts from countries who seek to undermine US values and take advantage of our students. Many universities have hidden these gifts and not declared them to the Department of Education. Help us uncover the billions and demand transparency.

Clarion Project Speakers

Clarion Project experts are available to address your organization or event as keynote speakers on the following topics:

  • Homeland security
  • Counter-radicalization
  • Freedom of speech
  • Violent extremism
  • Honor violence & female genital mutilation
  • US overseas strategy
  • Foreign funding of US universities
  • Antisemitism

Raheel Raza

Raheel Raza is an adviser to Clarion Project. She is an award-winning author, journalist and filmmaker on the topics of jihad and sharia. She is president of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

Help us expose and reduce the threats of ideological extremism