5 Gruesome Ways ISIS Has Taken Its Savagery to the Next Level

Fallujah is on the brink of being liberated by Iraq forces who are pushing into the center of the city, and the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has embarked on a frenzy of barbaric actions. Here are five reported recently:


According to source quoted by IraqiNews.com, “ISIS terrorist gangs cut the tongues of five of its members who tried to flee from the city after being sentenced by the so-called ISIS Sharia Court.” The source told the news outlet that the horrific act was carried out in public in front of ISIS fighters and citizens of Fallujah.


Vice News reports that ISIS has been moving families into the city center to use as human shields when the Iraqi army begins its offensive. The report comes from Nasr Muflahi, the Iraq country director at the Norvegian Refugee Council.

The Iraq army has already dropped leaflets over Fallujah telling the public to leave or to raise white flags over their houses. 

Muflahi said up to 50,000 people may attempt to flee, but that only about 70 families had successfully left over the past two days. Other reports say 100 families have been able to leave.

The offensive will include airstrikes and artillery. 


Symptomatic of the state of ISIS in Iraq in recent months, Arab media is reporting that the terror organization is demanding $2,500 – an exorbitant sum — from each person who wants to flee Fallujah. The fee was previous $5,000 but was reduced as the Iraqi army began to close in.

Meanwhile, ISIS fighters have been directed to relocate their own families outside of Fallujah to safe areas. The terror group has also instructed their fighters to disguise themselves as Iraqi military personnel and volunteer forces and film themselves massacring civilians in Fallujah (who they have released from jails) while chanting pro-Shiite slogans.

ISIS then plans to upload the videos to social media to defame the Iraqi forces.


In Niger, Boko Haram, who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and now calls itself the Islamic State in West Africa, attacked a health clinic that served close to 20,000 people as well as homes, the market and wells that provide water to Yebi village, leaving the village with no water supply.

Six people were killed in the attack with more wounded evacuated to Diffa, the capital.

In Yemen, the Islamic State published a video, featuring its giant executioner the “Bulldozer” and documenting the gruesome ways the group is executing Yemeni soldiers. The video shows one being shot while sitting in a chair pleading for his life, another being beheaded and yet another being killed by having a giant boulder crush his head.


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