5 Articles You Should Read Today

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Newspaper printing press (Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)
Newspaper printing press (Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Here’s some recommended reading for you both from Clarion and from other outlets on the world of radical Islam. We think these are articles you should read.

  1. Let’s start in Pontypridd in Wales which the BBC says is home to a global terror network.
  2. ISIS’ infamous White Widow is said to be recruiting female terrorists to attack vacation spots including Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and the canaries.
  3. In a great piece, Clarion’s Meira Svirsky asks “where do we draw the line between free speech and bigotry?
  4. Iranian authorities have arrested dozens of people in fresh crackdowns on models and associated colleagues posting “immoral images” online.
  5. Pakistan is in turmoil just days before elections with terror attacks, corruption allegations and more.



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