American Moslem Bekaa Center

Clarion Project
Article Source: Clarion Project

Article Source: Clarion Project

The American Moslem Bekaa Center is located in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Bekaa Center has enlisted the legal services of Tarek Baydoun in the past. Baydoun has helped raise money for the Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization, which was raided by the FBI [1] over connections to Hezbollah.

The Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization offered this support by working in conjunction with the Al-Mabarrat Association in Lebanon. Al-Mabarrat inLebanon is run by Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah who was labeled by the Department of Justice as Hezbollah’s “chief `spiritual leader'” and has been names a Specially Designated Terrorist by the U.S. Treasury Department [2].

While responding to a question on Twitter over what success Hamas has ever achieved through rocket attacks [3], Baydoun responded that “it got the zionists the f out of Gaza!” and that Hamas needed to “finish the job and liberate all of Palestine.”[4]

One of the attendees at the Bekaa Center is Abdullah al Mamun[5]. Mamun is the deputy executive director of the Muslim Legal Fund of America and is associated with several Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organizations. According to Mamun’s Facebook bio, “He started his own consulting firm and developed relationships with some of major Muslim national organizations in America; ISNA, ICNA, MAS, CAIR, MLFA, Guidance Residential, Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief, Zakat Foundation, and others.” [6]



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