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Article Source: Clarion Project

Article Source: Clarion Project

The Maryland chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, says “its aim is to improve the American Muslim experience by challenging Islamophobia and combating negative stereotypes about Islam…”[1]

In 2004, CAIR-MD said the convictions of three Muslims in Virginia on terrorism charges were because “Muslims and Arabs are automatically considered guilty until proven innocent.”[2]

CAIR-MD’s 2013 fundraising banquet featured Nihad Awad, executive-director of CAIR and Imam Johari Abdul-Malik of the radical Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center.[3]

Awad said in 1994, “I am in support of the Hamas movement more than the PLO.”[4] That same year, he said Hamas is right to “defend themselves against illegal occupation.”[5] In 2004, Al-Jazeera asked him about the U.S. designations of Hamas and Hezbollah as Foreign Terrorist Organizations. He answered, “We do not and will not condemn any liberation movement inside Palestine or Lebanon.”[6]

Abdul-Malik endorsed attacks on Israeli infrastructure in 2001.[7]

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