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Article Source: Clarion Project

Article Source: Clarion Project

The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says its vision is “to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding.”[1]

The board president of CAIR-NY, Zead Ramadan, refused to answer a question about whether he would condemn Hamas in December 2011.[2] He has repeatedly bashed the U.S. on Iranian government-controlled television. He made the following comments in his appearances:

“Whenever you think of America, the land of the free, is going to grow up and go beyond it [racism], more intolerant, extremist voices come out.”

“The comments that are being made against Muslims [by Americans] are very eerily echoing the comments that were being made against Jews by Nazis.”[3]

CAIR-NY board member Lamis Deek has expressed support for Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the elimination of Israel.

In 2009, she spoke at an event for the extremist group, Viva Palestina, and said, “In choosing Hamas, what they [Palestinians] chose was one united Palestinian state on all of the 1948 territories from the north to the very south … And in supporting Palestinian choice, we are saying we support their right to liberation from violent colonialism.”[4]

She views the revolutions in the Arab world as a revolt against American aggression.

She tweeted, “Dear America: read, watch the arab world die for freedom from u.s. proxy-imperialist (colonialist) wrath” and “Arab democracy=US govt hands off.”[5]

Deek tells Muslims not to talk to law enforcement and depicts police as a threat to Muslims. She talks about a “NYPD-CIA-Israeli alliance in NY” that targets innocent Muslims.[6] She also told Muslims, “If they [the FBI] comes to your home, sneak out.”[7]

“It’s very important not to speak to law enforcement of any type, not just FBI agents. We’re talking about the New York Police Department, we’re talking about tax agents, we’re talking about everybody,” she told one audience.

The former Civil Rights Director of CAIR-NY, Cyrus McGoldrick, resigned shortly after being sued by a terrorism expert.[8]

McGoldrick supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt and echoed the Islamist group’s propaganda that its opponents are puppets of a Western conspiracy. He tweeted on November 27, 2012,

“Can’t shake the feeling that all this anti-Morsi energy is a last stand by old pro-West/Mubarak/Israel crowd to keep power in the judiciary. No?”

McGoldrick repeatedly endorsed Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel and expressed support for the destruction of Israel: [9]

 “Meshal: Anyone who is bothered by our rockets is welcome to provide us with accurate weapons to fight the enemy.”—November 29, 2012 (referring to the Hamas leader)

 “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. Insha’Allah.”—November 29, 2012

 “Sign of the times: bloodthirsty Zionists trend #HAMASbumperstickers, then erupt when I acknowledge Palestinian right to resist occupation.”—November 16, 2012.

 “We must make oppression too costly for the oppressors to maintain. When they strike, we strike. Defense is a must.”—November 14, 2012

“Palestine is a land occupied by foreign settlers. They have the right to resist, to defend themselves ‘by any means necessary.’”—November 15, 2012.

McGoldrick frequently attacks the U.S. as an imperialist, warmongering country that oppresses Muslims:

“Obama condemning racism/profiling while continuing imperialist wars on the Muslim world is just sophisticated propaganda.”—July 19, 2013.

He said on Iranian state television the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya against the U.S. consulate was a result of “the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of Muslims’ patience with American and Western intervention.”

McGoldrick also said that the U.S. needs to consider “how much more weight will we put on the Muslim world? How many more attacks? How many more drone strikes? How many more coups..?”[10]

He also spreads anti-law enforcement sentiment. Here are two examples from December 15, 2012:

“Maybe I listened to too much Dead Prez growing up, but I can’t accept the liberal, ‘ban all guns’ platform. If the cops have ‘em, I want ‘em.” 

“Watching and filming the police is one of the few ways we have to defend ourselves. Start a #CopWatch team in your hood!”[11]



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