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Article Source: Clarion Project

Article Source: Clarion Project

The mosque president's son is Omar Hammami, who has appeared in many Al-Qaeda propaganda videos as

The Islamic Society of Mobile is owned by the North American Islamic Trust.[1] The website of the Islamic Center of Mobile says that ISB has “an extremist and narrow minded leadership.”[2]

The mosque president’s son is Omar Hammami, an American who has appeared in multiple Al-Qaeda propaganda videos as “The American.” He joined Al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, al-Shabaab in 2006.[3] He has been publicly criticizing al-Shabaab’s leadership since March 201, but remains an Islamist terrorist.[4] His father has denounced his actions and has cooperated with the FBI.

Hammami led the University of South Alabama’s Muslim Students Association chapter and his increasing radicalization alienated his family. His father, the ISB’s president, kicked him out of the house in 2002 after he refused to be photographed with the family.[5]

At least two other ISB attendees have been indicated for trying to join Hammami in Somalia.[6]

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