1,800 Pakistani Scholars Ban Suicide Bombing

Bodies are covered up following the massacre. (Photo: FATIQ BUKHARI/AFP/Getty Images)

Some 1,800 Islamic scholars in Pakistan published a fatwa condemning suicide bombing as “unIslamic,” according to Radio Free Liberty.

The fatwa was unveiled in a book by Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussein in partnership with the state-run International Islamic University.

Hussein wrote in the book that the fatwa “provides a strong base for the stability of a moderate Islamic society” that Pakistanis can “seek guidance” from “for building a national narrative in order to curb extremism in keeping with the golden principles of Islam.”

Terrorists caused chaos in Pakistan over the last few decades. Some 22,191 civilians and 6,889 security forces personnel have been killed since 2000, according to the South Asia Intelligence Review.

Pakistan is currently embroiled in a spat with the United States after President Donald Trump cut $900 million in military aid to Pakistan. The U.S. president cited Pakistan’s failure to curb extremist groups as the reason for the cut.

However, this current fatwa is no indication that the Pakistani government is on the brink of a seismic shift against extremism.

More likely, it is just part of the current bluster indicated by Pakistan declaring in response to the aid cut that the two countries are “no longer allies.”

Pakistani Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani also blasted the U.S. at a meeting of the Parliamentary Union of Islamic Countries in Tehran, saying, There is a changing world scenario in which a nexus among the U.S., Israeli and India is emerging and the Ummah (Muslim world) needs unity to deal with this because today it is Pakistan and Iran tomorrow it can be any other country.” 

Pakistan, clearly, needs to decide which side of the fence it is wants to be on: To be an ally of the West that fights against terror and extremism or remain mired and beholden to radical elements that control of the country today.



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