14-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Raped by ISIS Speaks Out

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(Illustrative Photo: © MarLeah Cole/Creative Commons)

When ISIS men entered the village of Kuju, which is in Sinjar, they kidnapped the girls and divided them by age.

One of those captured, now aged 14, escaped and told her story at the Committee for Peaceful Coexistence organized by a group of Muslim clerics in cooperation with Sulaymaniyah University.

She recounted how she was raped dozens of times by an ISIS fighter with Iraqi citizenship.

After he was killed in one of the battles his father also started raping her. He eventually sold her in one of the slave markets regularly held by ISIS.

Before being sold she was kept for two years in a holding camp. She said she saw no traits during that time to suggest the ISIS men are Muslims.

While she was in the holding camp she became acquainted with a nine-year-old girl who told her that she was kidnapped and then also raped and tortured barbarically. Even the elderly did not escape rape. She became acquainted with a woman aged 65 who cried because she had been tortured and raped.

This is the everyday reality of the women and girls still suffering as slaves under Islamic State rule.

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Elliot Friedland

Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.

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