Students from US, Allies Leave Sudan College for ISIS

Twelve medical students studying in Sudan, boarded a plane for Turkey and are presumed to be on their way to Syria to join the Islamic State (ISIS) as jihadis.

Their disappearance followed a similar group of nine British medical students of Sudanese origin that travelled to Turkey in March to join ISIS.

The students, hailing from the U.S., UK, Canada and Sudan, were in the middle of taking their final exams in their last year of medical school. The group, which included three women, were all of Sudanese origin.

Airport authorities as well as the dean of students at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology, a private medical school in Khartoum, confirmed that the students had left for Turkey on Friday.

“Logic says that they travelled to join the Daesh [ISIS] organization,” said the dean, Dr. Ahmed Babikir, speaking to the AFP.

An anonymous source quoted in Al Arabiya said, “These students were recruited to the ISIS organization by some individuals inside the university through conversations they had with them.”

The students’ families reported that they had not seen any of the students since Friday and that they had not been able to find any of their passports.

The group is composed of seven Brits, two Canadians, one American and two Sudanese nationals.

Family members of the previous group that flew to Turkey in March travelled to the Turkish-Syrian border in hopes of locating those missing. However, that group has not been heard of since their departure.  

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